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Top three smartphones under ₹ 10000

          Are you fed up with your current smartphone and planning to buy a new one? In the market, there are lots of phones coming but everyone is different in price. There are many budget smartphones which have superb specifications. If you are planning to buy a new smartphone for under ₹ 10000 then this post will be helpful to you. 1. Redmi 9 power                The popular brand came up with a fantastically featured, value for money smartphone. If you are camera crazy then this one is for you. With three classy cameras, Readme 9 power is a candid choice. Key Specs Display 6.53-inch (1080x2340) Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 Front Camera 8MP Rear Camera 48MP + 8MP + 2MP + 2MP RAM 4GB Storage 64GB Battery Capacity 6000mAh OS Android 10 Buy Redmi 9 power at INR 9999 here 2.Samsung Galaxy M11           Samsung's standards and value for money both comes in Galaxy M11. The phone is really good in specifications as well as performance. Key Specs Display 6.4

fantastic four smartwatches under ₹ 1500

 Gadgets are the smartest thing to have and the coolest things to show. In this era of technology, there are many types of gadgets from Chromebook to Pixel. One gadget which is trading nowadays is a smartwatch, a smart thing that you can wear. In the market, there are lots of smartwatches that differ in working and pricing. Here are five fantastic smartwatches which fit in the budget. 1) Infinizy 116 Plus Brand        : Infinizy                    Band color     :black Display Type :Digital Case Shape :Square Model Year :2021 Movement :Swiss Automatic Supported  Applications :Fitness Tracker, Sleep Monitor,  Reminders, Messages, Phone,  Alarm, Camera, Heart Rate Monitor Wireless  Communication  Standard :Bluetooth Colour :Assorted Movement :Swiss Automatic Connectivity  Technology :Bluetooth, NFC Compatible  Devices              :Smartphones  Warranty  Description :Replacement Warranty Buy Infinizy 116 Plus at ₹ 1299 here 2) Faawn 473 Brand        : F

How to install Ubuntu as second OS in PC?

                              Microsoft's windows is popular though it is paid. It is the world's second most popular OS following Android. But some of our works(especially IT works) need Linux OS, the free foundation. Linux is used especially by developers. It is as good as Windows. So what to do if we need both OS on one PC. Is it possible? Yes, it is. Check it out. STEPS: 1.First of all download the latest version of Ubuntu from the given link. 2.Now open Command Prompt (Typing cmd in start menu) and type ' diskmgmt .msc ' in it. 3.A window will pop up showing the  Disk Management menu. 4. Right-click on C: the partition and select shrink volume. 3. Enter the amount of space you want to reserve for Ubuntu. (Reserve at least 20000 MB compulsory.) 4 .Place the iso file of Ubuntu in a Pendrive. 5. Restart the PC and press F2, F10, or F12 according to your PC maker. 6.A menu like below will appear. Click on install Ubuntu .

Fantastic Four Facebook Features

          Facebook did not came as the first social networking site but it has overtaken every other sites like Orkut and MySpace.Everybody loves this Social media. We spent lots of time on it. We know more about the world from it. But there are many unknown features of Facebook we don't know. Check out this post to know them. 1)Create follow button in place of Add friend button:           Do you want that people follow you instead of adding you as a friend? Yes. It is possible. Go to the three-line button>Settings and privacy option>Privacy options . Under privacy, option-click on See more privacy settings. Go to How people find and contact you? option and then go to Who can send you friend requests? and click on friends of friends. Now the person who is not on your friend of friend list will only follow you. 2) Add 50 people in a video call:              In Facebook messenger go-to option people . Go to add a person icon at the top right. Video call a person. Add up to 5

How to download any WhatsApp video from others' status?

            As a status, almost everybody posts videos on WhatsApp. Some of them are heart-touching and we wish to post them as our status or save it in gallery. But there is no feature in WhatsApp to download these videos. Even download managers cant download them. Is there any possible way to download those status videos? Yes. Here is the method. Android: First of all download the Google Files application from Play Store. Open the app and tap on the top left menu icon. Go to settings and click on to turn on show hidden files' toggle. Go to Google files>Internal storage>Whatsapp folder>Media folder>Statuses folder. Here all status items would be shown. Click on three dots at right and select copy to and paste it to internal storage>Make a new folder and click copy here option at the bottom. That's all people. iOS: Go to Control Centre. There will be an option named Screen Recording. If there isn't a button Go to settings>Control Centre>+ button. It wil

See someone's WhatsApp status without informing them!

             Whats Up?WhatApp gives feature of story like other applications which is known as Status.The benifit of WhatApp status than other app stories is it only show the story when both sides have saved contact numbers of each.       You want to know the method of title for WhatsApp eagerly?Keep reading.The title looks like a hacking of WhatsApp but it is not a rocket science.       When someone read your message you get notified with double true bluish sign.There is a setting in WhatsApp known as Read Recipts in WhatsApp settings(Settings>Account>Privacy)which can off to color this sign.The same setting makes other people do not knowing that you saw their status. Enjoy!   

Trick to restore Snapchat's snapstreak!

                                                                                                  Though Mark Zukerberg's trio is damn demanding, Snapchat has its own charm. I am personally a big fan of Snapchat though I use Instagram. Mark's big move to acquire Snap  Inc. was declined which tells that Snapchat is not a thin tree to cut. Though the social giant has many interesting features, there is one unique feature called snapstreak. When users continuously send snaps to each other snapstreak is created. But sometimes we got busy and forgot to send a snap to friends. This can cause our long-lasted snapstreak becomes vanished. What to do then? Here is a trick for snapstreak. 1)In the Snapchat application go to the circle icon at the leftmost top. Here you will found details about your profile. 2)Go to the red gear icon at the rightmost top. Here you will find many settings. 3)Go to support menu > I need help. Here you will find many different snap ghost icons with option